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Gas Conventional Heating

In cold temperatures, heating is very important to ensure human life.
axial fan for Gas conventional heating

Natural gas can not only be used for cooking, but also for heating. When natural gas is burned, it will generate heat. After the heat enters the room, it will dissipate heat into the room through heating equipment, and then heat the room temperature.

The advantages of fans from YADE for gas conventional heating:

centrifugal fan
Low Noise
shaded pole motor
High Efficiency
forward centrifugal fan
Compact Design
backward centrifugal fan
Easy Integration

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are very widely used in our life to provide a comfortable environment for human beings.
axial fan for heating pump

The heat pump water heater is equipped with the electromagnetic four-way valve in the refrigeration system. Through the switching direction of the four-way valve, the flow direction of the refrigerant can be changed, and the air conditioner can be heated. The high-temperature and high-pressure steam-like refrigerant discharged from the compressor flows to the condenser in the insulation water tank, transfers heat to the tap water passing through the water tank, and then through the expansion valve throttling and reducing pressure, evaporates and absorbs heat in the evaporator of the main group of outdoor heat pump, and uses the working substance to absorb the heat in the outdoor air.

The advantages of axial fans from YADE for heat pumps

industrial axial fan
Low Noise
large axial fan
Compact Structure,Occupying Small Space
stainless steel axial fans
Stable Performance
axial blower
Small vibration and High reliability
axial blower
Low Power Consumption
axial fans
High Efficiency