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Industrial fans are used in fresh air systems

The fresh air system performs filtration, disinfection, sterilization, oxygen supply and heat exchange for indoor areas, while supplying air for interior air purification, so that people in a room can enjoy high-quality fresh air.
EC centrifugal fan

In hospitals, schools, office buildings, pharmaceutical factories, electronic production workshops, laboratories the air quality requirements are high, and the fresh air purification system can meet people's needs.

The advantages of fans from YADE for fresh air & purification:

DC centrifugal fan
Low Noise
EC axial fan
Energy Saving And High Efficiency
DC axial fan
Easy To Use
AC axial fan
Long Service Life
AC centrifugal fan
with fail-safe
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Fresh air system for the home

The fresh air system makes the home more comfortable
duct fan

Fouction of air fresh & purification1, Clean room2, Keep the indoor micro positive pressure to "block" the external turbidity3, Discharge indoor dirty gas and dilute formaldehyde4, Maintain indoor comfort and air quality

The advantages of fans from YADE in Fresh Air & Purification:

Low Noise
Easy To Use
Energy Saving And High Efficiency
Long Service Life
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