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Industrial Fans for New Energy

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New Energy storage

New energy is widely used in food, housing, transportation, clothing and medical industries.
EC centrifugal fan

The world is attaching more and more importance to the development of new energy, which has become an important part of economic development.

The advantages of Axial Fans from YADE in New Energy power

DC centrifugal fan
Low Noise
EC Axial fan
Small Vibration And High Reliability
DC axial fan
Compact Structural Design
AC centrifugal fan
High Efficiency
AC axial fan
Low Power Consumption
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Industrial Fan is used in New energy vehicle charging pile

In recent years, the development of new energy vehicles occupies a large proportion in the automobile industry.
DC centrifugal fan for New energy vehicle

Oil is a non-renewable resource. Human beings have saved the use of gasoline and invented new energy vehicles, which have a lower cost than before.

The advantages of fans from YADE in New Energy vehicle

EC centrifugal fan
Low Noise
DC centrifugal fan
AC centrifugal fan
EC axial fan
Long Life
DC axial fan
Fast Heat Dissipation
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