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How To Order?

Update Time:2023/2/10
Please send us your purchase order by Email or whatsApp ( E-mail address:, WhatsApp:+86 158 6712 8766)  we need to know the following information for your order:
1) Product information: Quantity, Specification ( voltage, input power, speed, airflow, working point, working temperature, single phase or three phase etc ), products  specification will be the best.
2)  According to the detailed information provided by the ctomer, the engineer makes the sample.
3) Provide sample for testing.
4) Wait for sample test results.
5) After the sample test is passed, we can place a batch order. If the sample does not pass, the engineer makes a new sample again and sends it out the second time.
6) Delivery time required.
7) Shipping information: Company name, Address, Phone number, Destination seaport/airport.
8) Forwarder's contact details if there is any in China.
9) Arrange transportation, book the shipping date/flight in advance, container or bulk cargo transportation.
10) Customs declaration, prepare China Customs declaration documents.
11)Prepare customs clearance documents, prepare all kinds of customs clearance documents required by the receiving country, and send the documents to the customer.