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Feb 13,2023
What are the installation methods of axial fan?
1)axial fan plane horizontal installation method: The specific method is to fix the installation position shock absorber on the fan base through the connecting bolt, adjust the horizontal height of each shock absorber with the center height adjusting pad, and fix the fan on the connecting steel plate that has been welded on the foundation with the fixed bolt. If the fan does not need the shock absorber due to earthquake resistance and other reasons, the screw hole on the fan base can be directly connected with the embedded bolt on the foundation. 2)axial fan side wall horizontal installation method: The basic requirements of axial fan installation are the same as that of horizontal installation, only the bracket is installed into the inclined arm support type, and the bracket should have enough strength and stiffness. This installation mode is not suitable for fans above 10# 3)Suspension mounting The damper is installed symmetrically and arranged on both sides of the center of gravity of the fan. The fan is directly lifted and installed on the suspension bracket. The height of the suspension bracket can be determined by the user according to the actual space distance. 4) Vertical mounting Vertical installation The vertical installation method of the fan is the same as that of the horizontal installation, which requires more strict strength and stiffness of the fan foundation.

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