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Plastic Axial Fans Φ350 Manufacturer | Used In Condenser

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Plastic Axial Fans Φ350 Manufacturer | Used In Condenser

Plastic Axial Fans Φ350 Manufacturer  |  Used In Condenser
Plastic Axial Fans Φ350 Manufacturer  |  Used In CondenserPlastic Axial Fans Φ350 Manufacturer  |  Used In CondenserPlastic Axial Fans Φ350 Manufacturer  |  Used In Condenser
CategoriesEC Axial Fans
BrandYADE Industrial Fan Manufacturer
Blades MaterialPlastic
Control mode0 -10V/PWM
Protection ClassIP54
Insulation ClassF
Terms of PaymentL/C, D/P, T/T, Unit
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Update TimeJune 11,2023
Detail Information
Plastic Axial Fans Φ350  FEATURES
plastic axial fan
EC72-A350-G          Plastic Axial Fans

Product description:

EC fan is an electronic fan with general frequency conversion technology. It uses advanced permanent magnet synchronous motor technology, with high efficiency, low noise, high pressure, long life and other advantages. Compared with traditional AC fans, EC fans have higher efficiency, wider speed control range, and lower energy consumption. In addition, the EC fan provides intelligent and automatic control. The EC fan can be adjusted intelligently according to different application scenarios and requirements, improving the performance and service life of the device.

EC fans are used in a wide range of fields, including air treatment, industrial manufacturing, medical equipment, transportation and so on. In terms of air handling, EC fans can be used for exhaust, air supply, smoke exhaust, and air filtration systems to ensure indoor air quality. In the field of industrial manufacturing, EC fans can be used for ventilation, cooling and exhaust emission of various equipment. In the field of medical equipment, EC fans can be used in operating rooms, wards and other scenarios to provide a clean and comfortable working environment for medical personnel. In the field of transportation, EC fans can be used in the ventilation and air conditioning systems of aircraft, trains, ships and other vehicles to provide a good travel environment for passengers.

Plastic Axial Fans Φ350  PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
Rated Voltage 
Working Voltage(V)
200 ~ 277
Power (W )
Speed ( RPM )
DiameterΦ( mm )
Noise ( dB)
-25℃   ~   60℃
Plastic Axial Fans Φ350  Performance Parameters
air flow drawing of axial fan
Plastic Axial Fans Φ350 Model selection
Rated voltage V
Working Voltage V
  Power W
dB (A)
200 ~277
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