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What is the difference between an External Rotor Fan and an Internal Rotor Fan?

Feb 13,2023
The external rotor fan adopts the advanced structure and reasonable pneumatic design of the impeller driven directly by the external rotor motor. 
It has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, light weight, compact structure and convenient installation and maintenance.

The inner rotor fan is a set of spindle or motor formed by the core and coil. When energized, the inner rotor fan of AC works through the magnetic 
field generated by the starting copper block in the motor. DC fans are driven by Hall IC to generate magnetic field and rotate. Generally, DC fans are internal rotating structure, AC fans are mostly inner rotor blades, and the outer rotor blades are basically metal and iron blades.

Which Equipment are External Rotor Axial Fans used in ?

The products are widely used in hotels, restaurants, office buildings, theaters, subways and other building facilities, but also used in cold storage and refrigerator refrigeration equipment. The external rotor axial fan is used to match the ice maker, air cooler, water chiller, condensing machine dehumidifier, evaporator, side wall fan,  fire fan, central air conditioning fan and other equipment.
Where can I Purchase Fans ?

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