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Feb 13,2023
What are the features of duct fan The use of ventilation system cannot be separated from the duct fan structure, especially in buildings, which provides moderate wind pressure and air volume. The reason why it can play such a role is mainly to change the shape of the blade, and then produce the role of axial flow and centrifugal at the same time, and the exhaust effect is obvious. The volume of pipeline fan is small, it does not take up too much space, at the same time, the installation steps are convenient, the operation is simple, and the noise will not be disturbing, in addition, it also has high operating efficiency, so it is favored by the market. Characteristics of duct fan 1, duct fan selection control parameters for air volume, total pressure, efficiency, noise, motor power, etc. 2, according to the physical and chemical properties of the transported gas, choose different uses of the fan. If clean air is delivered, general ventilation fans should be selected; For conveying inflammable and explosive gases, explosion-proof fans should be selected; Corrosion-resistant fans should be used for conveying corrosive gases. 3. When selecting the fan, the air leakage loss and calculation error of the pipeline system as well as the negative deviation of the actual air volume and air pressure of the fan should be considered. Generally, the safety factor of air volume is 1, 05 ~ 1, 1, and the air pressure is 1, 10 ~ 1, 15. But it is not too large to prevent the fan from running in the low efficiency area for a long time. 4. Pay attention to the matching relationship between pipe network resistance characteristics and fan characteristics. In order to ensure stable operation of the fan, the fan should work near its maximum efficiency point. The working point of the fan is located on the right side of the peak total pressure point in the performance curve (that is, on the side of the high air volume, and generally located at 80% of the peak total pressure). 5. For the ventilation system with noise reduction requirements, the fan with high efficiency and low impeller circumference velocity should be selected first, and the fan should work near the maximum efficiency point. In addition, corresponding measures to reduce noise and vibration should be taken according to the propagation mode of noise and vibration produced by ventilation system.

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