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Feb 13,2023
How to maintain the centrifugal fan Correct maintenance of centrifugal fans can extend the service life of centrifugal fans and improve work efficiency. (1) In order to prevent motor overload and burn out, when the centrifugal fan starts, it must be carried out without load (close the inlet valve and slightly open the outlet valve). If the situation is good, gradually open the valve until the condition specified in the straight road. (2) The following preparations should be made before starting the centrifugal fan: close the intake valve and slightly open the outlet valve, Check the clearance size of each part of the centrifugal fan, whether the rotating part and the fixed part collision and friction phenomenon. (3) After starting the centrifugal fan, when it reaches the normal speed, the bearing temperature rise should be checked at any time. Generally, it should not exceed 40℃ of the surrounding environment. (4) The root mean square vibration velocity of the bearing part shall not be greater than 6.3mm/s; If the centrifugal fan is found to have violent vibration, collision or rapid bearing temperature rise, it must be stopped in an emergency. maintenance (1) It must be confirmed that the centrifugal fan is in good condition before operation. (2) Regularly remove ash, dirt and other impurities inside the centrifugal fan, and prevent rust. (3) the lubricant should be replaced after each overhaul; Normal operation must be in accordance with the specified period of refueling. (4) In the process of starting, stopping or running the centrifugal fan, if there is any abnormal phenomenon, it must be stopped for inspection immediately. If there is a small fault, it should try to find out the cause and eliminate it. If there is a big fault, it should be stopped for maintenance immediately.

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